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MEDIA-MAGE has strict criteria for the selection of materials used in our products.  The large volumes of media that we produce result in attractive prices for our raw materials.  MEDIA-MAGE also imports some raw materials directly.  We are therefore able to offer the high quality raw materials that we use in our own manufacturing process at competitive prices.

Commodity number Description PACK Size
02-277-500 Buffered Peptone Water Bottle 500g
01-309-500 Brilliant Green Modified Agar Bottle 500g
DM230D XLD Agar Bottle 500g
M50153 Petri Dishes 90mm Box 825 dishes
06-709-100 XLT4 Selective Supplement Bottle 100ml
01-708-500 XLT4 Agar Base Bottle 500g
Lysed (Laked) Horse blood Bag 500ml
Horse blood Bag 500ml
Sheep Blood Bag 500ml